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Bible Reading Challenge

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Well done to those who've just completed the full read-the-whole-Bible-in-nine-months challenge. There is a lighter reading challenge starting today: reading through the New Testament over our winter. The pace this time is about 4 chapters a day, Monday through Friday. Visit for printable reading plans, links to men’s and women’s Bible Challenge Facebook groups, and app suggestions to encourage you along the way.

Bible Reading Challenge #SamePageWinter

Here are some reading tips from the women's group moderators:

1) First of all, just read! Just read like a person reading something. The Spirit is in the Word and He will accomplish what He intends to accomplish in t he reading of the Word. We have encouraged women to time themselves just normally reading Ephesians which is 6 chapters to actually see how long it takes. Not long.

2) Read with the intention of being back soon - because when you read quickly you cover a lot of territory and you will soon be getting a much bigger picture of what God is doing, Who He is, etc. If you don't understand something perfectly, you will be back soon and when you are, you will have so much more Scripture under your belt that you will understand better.

3) With this same end in mind we encourage everyone to jump in on whatever day we are on. There are lots of reasons for this but it is a perfection-destroying method. Our hope is to help break women out of the mindset that has kept them from developing a habit in the Word (trying to execute a perfect performance rather than faithfully reading and eating for life)

4) We encourage women to use audio, consumable Bibles, multiple Bibles, whatever it takes to help women develop good habits and break bad ones!

Of course none of these things are requirements for those of you starting your own things, but they have been really helpful for us and we have seen God using such simple methods to really make this effort go!


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