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Every Sunday at 10am at St. John's in Franklin, Tasmania.

Access is through the Frank's Café carpark, up the driveway past the café to the church on the hill, 3328 Huon Hwy, Franklin TAS 7113

Phone Geoff on 0488 023 628 or CONTACT US for more details.

Communion: Communion is held weekly. All who profess belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and who have been baptised are cordially invited to participate with us in the Lord’s Supper.

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Order of Service

King's Covenant Church

Order of Service:

Call to Worship

- Opening Prayer

- Hymn 

Confession of Sin

- Hymn


- Congregational Prayer

- Bible reading

- Hymn

- Sermon


- Lord’s Supper

- Hymn


- Doxology

Covenant renewal worship is the biblically defined set liturgy of worship in the covenant of grace, as defined by scripture. It tells us that not only are the elements of worship important but also the order of worship is important.


New Covenant Worship is continued from the Old Covenant in many ways. Jesus' death abolished all animal sacrifice (Hebrews 10:4) but it did not abolish all sacrifice. We are to offer ourselves as "Living Sacrifices" to God (Romans 12:1). The sacrifices of the Old Testament not only point forward to the atoning work of Christ on the cross, they also point forward to our worship as living sacrifices.

Leviticus chapter 9 gives us details of the order of sacrifice in worship services. They consist of the following:

- Call to Worship - 
This expresses the truth that none of us can approach God unless he initiates the covenant with us.

- Confession of Sin - Sin Offering - 
This is where we hear the laws of God and lament our sins and confess our sins corporately, and of our need for forgiveness.

- Consecration - Burnt Offering - 
Also called the ascension offering. This represents the ascension of believers into the presence of God. In this way we show we belong wholly to the Lord. We will hear the Word of God read, we offer ourselves in prayer and praise to God, and we hear the sermon as the Lord speaks through the Pastor.

- Communion - Peace Offering - 
Part of the animal was burned, part of it was waved before the Lord and then given to the worshipper to eat. The portion that was burned was called the Lord's good. This offering was unique in that it was the only one of the offerings in which the worshipper was permitted to eat a portion of it. In the peace offering the worshipper ate with God as an expression of love, trust and fellowship. So it is that the covenant memorial of the Lord's Supper is offered to us by Christ, our peace offering, and he communes with us through it. As part of the regular Lord's Day worship, God gives us the privilege of sharing a covenant meal with him.

- Commission - 
Aaron and Moses concluded the service by blessing the people with God's benediction. As we leave the assembly of the saints, we need to know that we are not leaving God behind.

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