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The manufacturing of cell lines from the human remains of aborted babies and the using of those cell lines in the development, manufacturing and testing of vaccines is morally reprehensible.  

Therefore we make the following statements: 

  • Vaccines should not be made mandatory. 

  • Individuals should not be coerced into accepting a vaccine. 

  • Individuals should be free to decline vaccines for themselves and their dependents that are offered to them.  

  • Children should not be vaccinated without the voluntary consent of their parents. 

Accordingly, we do not recommend to the congregation any vaccines that were developed, 
manufactured or tested using cell lines developed from the remains of aborted babies, 
including but not limited to the following vaccines:  

  • MMR II for measles, mumps and rubella 

  • Priorix for measles, mumps and rubella 

  • Priorix-Tetra for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella 

  • Proquad for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella 

  • Vaqta for Hepatitis A 

  • Quadracel for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio 

  • Zostavax for shingles 

  • Pfizer for Covid-19 

  • Oxford/AstraZenica for Covid-19 

  • Novavax for Covid-19

Supporting Data:

Below is data supporting our statement. This data is also formulated as a petitions in the PDF links which you can use to ask your church to make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines.

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout is due to start in February in Australia and many quarters are talking about the need for government and/or employers to make it mandatory. Some airlines have said you won’t be able to fly internationally with them unless you take the vaccine. These coercive measures for an experimental vaccine are out of line. There will be many who will want to decline the vaccine for religious or conscientious reasons. It is hoped that if lots of churches make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines, that this will help people who want to decline to be vaccinated, to do so. At any rate, it is a step closer to winning back the ability to object for religious or conscientious reasons.

Please read the links below and if you agree, take these actions:

  1. Fill it out with the name of your church and your name, sign, date and give to the leadership of your church.

  2. Forward the petition to all your Christian contacts in Australia and New Zealand. Ask them to do the same.



(The numbers in the body of these petitions are not hyperlinks. They are just blue numbers pointing to the footnotes.)

Until recently, Australians were able to decline vaccinations for themselves or their children, for both medical and religious reasons. Now parties in Qld, NSW, Victoria, WA and SA can only decline if they have a medical exemption. The ability to decline to be vaccinated for religious reasons was removed because no churches had a statement objecting to vaccines for religious reasons.1 However, there are valid Biblical reasons why a Christian would object to many vaccines, for example, because of the aborted babies used in them.  

With the advent of SARS CoV 2, new vaccines for Covid-19 have been manufactured. There is pressure for these experimental vaccines to be made mandatory by governments and/or employers or coercive measures such as travel restrictions put in place for people who have not been vaccinated. All of the Covid-19 vaccines that Australia has contracted to receive, have been developed, manufactured and/or tested using cell lines from aborted babies. 

Late February 2021 is the date when the first Covid-19 vaccines are due to be rolled out in Australia. Many individuals will want to decline a Covid-19 or other vaccination for religious reasons. In the event that the government does try to make vaccinations mandatory or coerce people to take them, it would help those who would decline to be vaccinated for religious reasons if the church had a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines.  


Abortion is murder. Over the years, hundreds of babies have been aborted specifically for the purpose of creating cell lines to be used in making vaccines. This is unethical. Horrifyingly, human fragments from the cell line do contaminate the vaccines and can lead to a variety of pathologies in vaccinated people. These factors make it necessary to regain the freedom to decline vaccines for conscientious and religious reasons. To be clear, this is not a pro vs anti vaccination petition but a petition designed to fight against mandatory vaccination in favour of parental/personal choice.      

Aborted babies are used in vaccines: 

1. Fetal cell lines have been used in the development, manufacturing and/or testing of the vaccines listed below that are part of the Australian National Immunisation Program or have otherwise been approved for use in Australia in 2020 or are expected to be approved in 2021 (they have also been used in many other vaccines used internationally not mentioned below): 


Fetal cell line used: 

 • MMR II for measles, mumps and rubella2


 • Priorix for measles, mumps and rubella3 

MRC-5, RA 27/3 

• Priorix-Tetra for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella4 

MRC-5, RA 27/3 

• Proquad for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella5 

WI-38 and MRC-5, RA 27/3

• Vaqta for Hepatitus A6 


• Quadracel for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio7   


• Zostavax for shingles8 

WI-38 and MRC-5. 

• Pfizer for Covid-199, 10 


• Oxford/AstraZenica for Covid-1911, 12 

HEK-293 and MRC-5 

• Novavax for Covid-1913 


Abortion is murder: 

2. Life begins at conception: “For indeed, as soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.” Luke 1:44 


3. “We exist as a continuum of human life, which begins at fertilization (conception) and continues until death. Every Human Embryology textbook, and every human embryologist, not only identifies the continuum of human life, but describes it in detail; which is to say: At any point in time, during the continuum of life, there exists a whole, integrated human being!”14 


4. God prohibits murder, “You shall not murder.” Exodus 20:13 


5. His prohibition against murder extends to the unborn:  “If men fight, and hurt a woman with child, so that she gives birth prematurely...if any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe." Exodus 21:22-25 


6. The abortion methods used in order to preserve live tissue for cell lines are heinous: 


  • “They would inject a substance into the womb. The woman would then go into mini-labor and pass this baby. Fifty percent of the time the baby would be born alive, but that didn’t stop them. They would just simply open up the abdomen of the baby with no anesthesia, and take out the liver and kidneys, etc.”15 


  • “Walvax-2 [the name of an aborted baby cell line] researchers used the “water bag” abortion method in order to ensure the babies were born alive and the tissues were “fresh.” This method is illegal in the United States, but China has no law preventing its use. The water bag method entails filling the mother's uterus with saline water and floating the baby out of the mother's body, where he or she can then be immediately dissected alive.”16 

Anaesthesia is not used as it would negatively impact the samples they are trying to preserve.  


7. Vaccines are often not tested ethically: 


  • Stanley Plotkin, the developer of the rubella vaccine, tested it on orphans as young as14 months old, “institutionalized children” and what he called, “mentally retarded children.”17, 18 

  • In other experiments, Plotkin used babies of mothers in prison, and performed experimental studies with a polio vaccine he was developing on over one million babies of mothers in the Belgian Congo not to mention giving experimental vaccines to people he felt were, in his own words, “human in form, but not in social potential.”19 

  • Plotkin, an atheist, is considered the leading authority on vaccines today, having helped develop more vaccines than anyone in the world. He regularly advises pharmaceutical companies and vaccine developers, and teaches vaccination courses around the world. He co-authored Vaccines, a textbook considered the foremost authority on the subject.20 

8. The vaccine industry incentivizes abortions: The Dutch company that developed the aborted baby cell line PER.C6, Crucell, wanted to create additional cell lines in order to create vaccines for HIV, Ebola and other viral diseases. It approached the district health board in Wellington, New Zealand in order to negotiate a contract for the supply of 30,000 aborted babies annually. When the contract fell through, Crucell approached the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, Australia for the supply of up to 90,000 babies annually to its laboratories in the Netherlands. Abortion doctors would be paid an hourly rate. Hospitals would receive an upfront fee for overheads and a substantial success fee if researchers were able to produce a viable cell line. The economics of such contracts would create an incentive to recommend and push women towards abortions.21 


9. Abortion clinics commonly run recruitment campaigns: The documentary The Monsterous Regiment of Women contains the testimony of an abortion clinic owner who became a Christian. She spoke about the education classes they did in schools designed to get teenagers sexually active and the birth control pills they would put teenagers on, which they knew would not prevent pregnancy. The abortion clinic owner was very clear that this was all done to increase the bottom line and serve her desire to achieve a seven figure income. 1 Timothy 6:9-10 

10. Pharmaceutical companies would not be investing billions of dollars into new cell lines unless they felt sure they would have a market. If parents did NOT use the vaccines obtained from aborted fetal cell lines at all, such action would have effectively ended the practice years ago. It would not be a fair or accurate statement to say that people who use the vaccines do not contribute to an immoral act, because in fact, they are providing financial motivation and incentive plus actual funding to the pharmaceutical industry to continue this immoral practice.22 

11. The human cell line industry relies on a supply of aborted babies and a demand for their products. In order to end this immoral industry, one must not only end the supply of aborted babies, but also the demand for their products. Consequently, it is very important for people to have the freedom to decline vaccines for religious or conscientious reasons.  

It was not “just two abortions from back in the 60s”:


12. The babies in the vaccines: 

Number of abortions

performed in order to

develop this cell line: 

  • MRC-5’s 27-year-old mother had a genetically normal family history.

She was given an abortion for psychiatric reasons in 1966 in England.

MRC-5 was 14 weeks.23  


  • WI-38, a three-month-old Caucasian girl conceived to married 

parents who felt they had too many children, was aborted in Sweden 

in 1962. She was dissected by Sven Gard of the Karolinksa Institute 

and her lungs sent on dry ice to Leonard Hayflick of the Wistar 
Institute in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Hayflick had already developed a 

number of cell lines from aborted babies. WI-1 to WI-25 were lost 

due to freezer failure. WI-26 from an aborted boy was promising but 
Hayflick did not create enough of it. To distinguish the next cell line 
from WI-26, Hayflick asked Gard to send him parts from girl babies: 
the parents needed to have no serious pathologies. Meeting the 
criteria, WI-38 was selected for the purpose of creating the new cell 
line. WI=Wistar, 38=38th baby.24, 25, 26 


  • RA 27/3’s life was taken from her when she was three months 

gestation. Her abortion happened during a rubella outbreak in 1964. 
Some doctors in Pennsylvania were advising pregnant women who 
contracted the disease to abort their babies. RA 27/3’s mother was 
25-years-old and had developed rubella. Stanley Plotkin of the 
Wistar Institute worked directly with the abortionists to collect and 
dissect the babies. Forty babies were aborted in this way for Plotkin. 
Sixteen of them did not have rubella. RA 27/3’s remains were used 
to isolate the rubella virus. The rubella virus was then cultivated on 
the WI-38 cell line and it is from RA 27/3 that we get the rubella virus 
for the rubella vaccines. R=Rubella, A=Abortus, 27=27th baby, 3=3rd 
tissue explants.27, 28 


  • HEK-293: Developed in 1973 from the kidney cells of an aborted 

Dutch baby girl. The cells were genetically engineered and combined 
with adenovirus. Normally a cell has a finite number of divisions. 
These cells were transformed and immortalized so that they would 
divide ad infinitum. HEK=human embryonic kidney cells. 293=the 
number of the experiment.29 


Likely >100

  • WALVAX-2: A cell line designed in China in 2015 to replace WI-38 

and MRC-5. “We obtained 9 fetuses through rigorous screening 
based on carefully specified inclusion criteria… Walvax-2 was 
derived from fetal lung tissue, similar to WI-38 and MRC-5, and was 
obtained from a 3-month-old female fetus aborted because of the 
presence of a uterine scar from a previous caesarean birth by a 27-
year old healthy woman.”30

13. As well as WALVAX-2, cell lines IMR-90 and IMR-91 were developed from aborted babies as replacements for MRC-5 and WI-38 which won’t last forever. Some of the other fetal cell lines that have also been developed for vaccines are WI-44, MRC-7, MRC-9, TIG-1, PER.C6, HER 911 and KMB-17. Every one of these represents an untold number of abortions.31 

14. To obtain all these, the scientists had to be present at the time of the abortion because it is essential that the samples collected are still living. Dead tissue is worthless. It is not possible to simply perform an abortion and then after the fact, decide one wants to use the discarded fetus for cell research. The abortion must be pre-arranged in order to have researchers available to immediately preserve the tissue.32 Those who don’t want to be connected to such acts should be free to decline vaccines for religious or conscientious reasons. 

Human traces remain in the vaccines: 


15. “The use of fetal tissue in vaccine development is the practice of researching, developing, and producing vaccines through growing viruses in cultured (laboratory-grown) human fetal cells. The viruses generally burst these cells to be released. Although the vaccines are purified from the resulting cell debris, traces of human DNA fragments inevitably remain.33 


16. Vaccine inserts acknowledge that human traces remain in the vaccines. For example, the ProQuad and Zostavax vaccines both describe the human remains in their vaccines on their Australian Product Information sheets (see footnotes 5 and 8) in this way:  


“This product also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein.“ 


17. The quantity of human remains in the vaccines is regulated: the FDA has stipulated that human DNA is to remain at no greater than 10ng/dose and 200 base pairs.34 


18. The quantity of human remains in the vaccines is well above the regulated amount: Vaccines (MMR, varicella and hepatitis A) sent for independent analysis have consistently shown levels of human fetal DNA that are far beyond the “established safety limits”: fetal DNA levels ranged anywhere from 142ng to 2000ng per dose.35 


19. There can be more human DNA than viral DNA in vaccines: A laboratory analysis of a varicella vaccine showed that there was 8 times more human DNA than virus DNA in the vaccine—the ratio being 8:1 of human DNA to chickenpox DNA.36 


20. With regard to the Covid-19 vaccines: 


  • The Pfizer vaccine does not contain DNA remnants. However, every time the vaccine goes through quality control for each batch of the vaccine, it will be tested through HEK-293. HEK-293 was also used in the development of the vaccine, to grow the spike protein for which the mRNA in the vaccine codes. So Pfizer’s association with the aborted baby cell line is strong even if human remains are not in the vaccine itself.37, 38, 39  

  • The Oxford/AstraZenica vaccine does contain HEK-293. 

  • Novavax does not contain DNA remnants but it was tested in HEK-293 and this testing will likely be ongoing as they quality control each batch. So Novavax’s association with a fetal cell line will be ongoing too—unless they don’t do quality control which may present a reason in and of itself to decline the vaccine.   


Human remains in the vaccines are not safe: 


21. Contamination of cell lines is a big issue.40 The fetal DNA fragment contaminants in vaccines are biologically active41 and can spontaneously integrate into the genome of the vaccinated person.42 Vaccines elicit system immune activation and inflammatory responses, which increases the likelihood of foreign DNA uptake into the host’s genome.43 

22. The vaccine schedule exposes young children to insertion of fetal DNA fragments during a time of significant brain development.44  

23. Vaccine manufacturers do not test their products for mutagenic or carcinogenic potential45, 46 and yet it is known from the scientific literature that there exists a high likelihood of insertional mutagenesis which can lead to serious pathologies such as autoimmune disorders and cancer.47 


24. The human remains in the vaccines are tumorigenic.48, 49 


  • HEK 293 is immortal. To immortalize a cell line you have to mutate it—combine it with a viral oncogene, a gene that promotes cancer by suppressing the function of tumour suppressor genes. This is what makes HEK-293 tumorigenic.50   

  • The older MRC-5 and WI-38 get the more tumorigenic they become.51 

  • The FDA knows of and is aware of this problem saying, “the worst thing we are concerned about is…malignancy, because some of these continuous cells have the potential for growing tumours in laboratory animals.”52 


25. Neuroinflammatory disorders are listed as a very rare (<1 in 10,000) event for the Oxford AstraZenica Covid-19 experimental vaccine on their Product Information Sheet.53 If all 21 million adults in Australia receive this vaccine that could result in 2,100 of those adults developing such a disorder (brain injury, autoimmunity, etc). 


26. The Australian government has offered to indemnify Oxford AstraZenica for the “inevitable” adverse effects which will be experienced from their experimental vaccine. They have also decided not to set up a compensation scheme so those who do experience an adverse reaction will be on their own: a position antithetical to Biblical law.54, 55, 56  


27. That human traces remain in the vaccines and pose a real risk to health, makes it imperative that individuals are free to decline vaccines for themselves and their dependants.  


Loving your neighbour does not equal taking the vaccine: 


28. The push in recent years has been for us to vaccinate for the greater good. If you love your neighbour, we are told, you will take the vaccine. But is this true? Does loving your neighbour equal taking the vaccine? 


29. When doing things for the greater good or to love our neighbour is advocated without reference to God’s law, then its root is in utilitarianism/situation ethics/cultural Marxism.57 There is no objective, consistent standard to determine what would be for the greater good or what is loving our neighbour in these ethical systems. In Biblical Christianity loving our neighbour is defined by the law. We love through the law by keeping the law.58 When it comes to vaccines, what does God’s law say?  


30. God’s law says do not murder. Exodus 20:13. Taking vaccines that utilize the products of murder, creates a demand for further abortions to replace the current fetal cell lines in order to create more vaccines. Therefore such vaccines are to be resisted and avoided. The unborn are our neighbours too and represent lives we should be trying to preserve. They are not a commodity or an ingredient. We cannot “need” a product if it requires the death of our neighbour to fulfil this need. Our need is to find an alternative or do without.   


31. God’s law says to quarantine when one is sick. Leviticus 13. If you or your child is sick, you don’t go into public, you don’t send your children to daycare or school. When you are sick, you love your neighbour by staying home. This could include your whole household unless the sick can be kept separate.  


32. God’s law says not to bear false witness. Exodus 20:16 Those who advocate for the “greater good” often do so out of a misinformed belief that the vaccine is safe and effective, that it will stop transmission and that there is no other way to treat the illness. However, the Pfizer vaccine, for example, has not yet been shown to stop transmission.59 The AstraZenica vaccine is only 4% effective at stopping asymptomatic transmission.60 There is no data available yet on Novavax. In fact, while most vaccines may prevent people from 
becoming sick, they don’t prevent one from becoming infected or passing the virus to others.
61 So how can accepting a vaccine be for the greater good? It isn’t. It has no impact on keeping newborns, the elderly or the immune-compromised safe and may in fact jeopardise them if people assume they are protected when they are not. Rather than taking the vaccine, loving your neighbour might be sharing the truth about the use of aborted babies in vaccines and the alternative means to treat the illness. 


33. God’s law prohibits all forms of slavery except voluntary slavery. Deuteronomy 23:15,16 There is a principle here that a man’s freedom to decline a vaccine should not be taken away. A man without the authority to make decisions for himself and his family, within the freedom given by God, has become a kind of slave. A man is free to do many things that it would be wrong to coerce or mandate him to do.  


34. When we are under God’s judgement (which can be in the form of a contagious disease) it will do us more good to turn back to God in repentance 1 Kings 8:37-40 than it will to take medicine or a vaccine. Jeremiah 46:11  


This petition has only addressed issues as they relate to the aborted baby parts in vaccines. It has not raised possible valid religious or conscientious objections as they relate to the other ingredients62 (such as recombinant DNA, unclean animals, blood, etc), the recommended schedule or any other issue.     


Cell lines made from the remains of aborted children are used in the development, manufacturing and testing of many vaccines. Where the cell lines are used in the manufacturing, residual human remains contaminate the vaccines. These fragments of human DNA can insert into the DNA of the vaccinated person, leading to a number of serious pathologies. The demand for vaccines creates a demand to replace old cell lines with new, which in turn creates a demand for further abortions. Individuals and their dependants should in no way be coerced or mandated to be party to this great evil. There is a great need to regain and preserve the freedom to decline to be vaccinated for religious and conscientious reasons.



20. Ibid 
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39. from 12:30 minutes. 

46. A statement to this effect is typically found at point 5.3 in the Product Information sheets.  
56. The Institutes of Biblical Law by RJ Rushdoony, page 271. “Community guilt ensues where justice is not done.” Deuteronomy 21:1-9 
58. The Biblical Doctrine of Love tract by Vic Lockman

61. Dr Paul Offit, the number one spokesman to the public for the vaccine industry, was quoted making that astounding statement that vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission in this article which was carried by a dozen or more news sites: 

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