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Riot and the Dance Films

Two spectacular nature films being screened by KING’S COVENANT at ST. JOHN’S CHURCH, behind FRANKS Cafe, 3328 Huon Hwy, Franklin. Together with the new owners, we have been lovingly restoring St. John’s church and we are delighted to soon be re-opening this place for regular weekly worship and occasional events such as these documentary screenings.

EARTH: Fri 4 Sept 7:00pm

WATER: Fri 11 Sept 7:00pm


These stunning nature documentaries are narrated by Gordon Wilson and inspired by his biology textbook. They are much-needed films that combines beautiful, Planet Earth-style high-definition footage with insightful Christian commentary sprinkled with humour and acknowledgment that this beautiful planet is not an accident. It’s a masterpiece.

Riot and the Dance: EARTH Trailer:

Riot and the Dance: WATER Trailer:


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