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Worshiping in Franklin

In the warm spring sunlight this morning the bell of St. John’s Church rang out across Franklin, Tasmania calling us to gather for the Blessing of the Blossoms service, which launches our regular weekly worship services which will now take place here at 10am every Sunday. The sanctuary was beautifully adorned with armfuls of blossoms from local orchards and gardens and looked fresh and welcoming as we dedicated this seasons produce and productivity to God’s glory.

Dr. Geoff Downes delivered the sermon, continuing a series through Genesis, this time focused on the start of chapter 4 and looking at approaching God. The message explored Eve’s expectation of the coming deliverer from sin, her implied disappointment that Cain was not that one. Also, the bringing of offerings to God, and the vital importance of worshiping Him as He desires rather than what seems nice to us. Sprinkled with thoughtful insights, humour and practical application, this series continues to be a blessing to us as we strive to put our faith into action. The whole series is available on our Sermon Archive page.

The service concluded with fellowship over a cuppa and some snacks featuring Franklin-grown produce to celebrate God’s ongoing provision.

we look forward to many more such services over the coming weeks, months and years, and we warmly invite you to come and join us here in worshiping the Almighty God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.


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